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The Study of Positive Psychology, Neuropsychology, Evolutionary Psychology, Neuroscience, and Brain Plasticity Will Change Your Life and Practice!

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Upon completion of one of our programs, you will be able to do two things in working with clients:

1. Explain to clients the source of their thinking, decisions, and behavior.  You will be able to explain human nature to clients. Human nature is the origin of human behavior.  Human nature is the product of genetic predispositions, life experiences, and environment. This is the science of neuropsychology (evolutionary psychology and neuroscience), which is the science of human nature.

2. Prescribe a new thinking plan to enable your clients to create well-being for themselves and their families.  The science of positive psychology is backed by extensive research and validation.  We know exactly what a person needs to do in order to improve their lives.  Positive psychology has robust strategies for the creation of well-being and flourishing. 

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*  Board Certified Master of Positive Psychology (MPPsy), Neuropsychology (MNPsy), or Positive Neuropsychology (MPNPsy).  Tuition is $5,998 - $3,000 = $2,998 or $298 per month for 12 months.

*  Board Certified Doctor of Positive Psychology (DPPsy), Neuropsychology (DNPsy), or Positive Neuropsychology© (DPNPsy).  

Tuition is $6,998 - $3,000 = $3,998 or $377 per month for 12 months.

Some Important Details

  • Our programs are totally online. 
  • No residency requirements or classes to attend. 
  • Our programs are guided self-study with the leadership of a personal mentor.

We use the Oxford Tutorial Method of Study, which is learning with a mentor. We also follow the Sorbonne Method of Study, which is learning by reading and writing. Your writing requirement is to write a 25-page essay for each of ten courses.

We are the leader in Positive Psychology, Evolutionary Psychology, and Neuroscience Education!

Choose Your Counseling/Coaching Career Path

  • Positive Neuroplastician
  • Talk Therapist
  • Positive Psychology Coach or Counselor 
  • Life Counsel
  • Life Coach
  • Life Planner
  • Life Strategist
  • Career Coach or Counselor 
  • Positive Psychology Hypnotist
  • Psychoanalyst
  • Psychotherapist

We can show you how to establish a private counseling, coaching, training, or consulting practice.  There are numerous provisions in all state licensing laws that do not apply to certain ways of practicing. We have a staff attorney who will guide you!

Additional Board Certification Programs!

Board Certified Positivity Counselor©

Board Certified Life/Executive Coach©

Board Certified Positive Psychology Coach©

Board Certified Talk Therapist©

Board Certified Life Counsel©

Board Certified Life/Career Coaching Scientist©

Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist©

Board Certified Psychoanalyst

Board Certified Psychotherapist

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Positive Neuropsychology 

Positive Neuropsychology is a blended program of positive psychology, neuroscience, and evolutionary psychology!


Neuropsychology is the science of human nature, the mind and brain, and human genetic predispositions!  Neuropsychology and evolutionary psychology seek to be the meta-theory that unites all of psychology under one interpretive umbrella!  

Positive Psychology 

Positive psychology is the science of happiness, flourishing, and well-being. It began as a new sub-discipline of psychology in 1998 through the leadership of Martin Seligman at the University of Pennsylvania!

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