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Creating a World of Well-Being!



Writing makes a person more exact and is a skill required of all educated people.”

It is necessary to understand the origin of human nature in order to 

maximize our human potential and to achieve life satisfaction.

Positive Psychology Track Curriculum

Create a Flourishing Life filled with Positive Emotion, Engagement in Life, Good Relationships, Meaningful Existence, Subjective Achievement (PERMA).  We are not victims of our genetics and environment. We can rewire our brains by acting and thinking in new ways.

PP1.    Survey of Positive Psychology

PP2.    Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Flourishing

PP3.    The How of Happiness 

PP4.    The Happiness Hypothesis

PP5.    Positivity

PP6.    The Happiness Advantage

PP7.    Authentic Happiness

PP8.    Happiness: Unlocking the Mysteries of Psychological Wealth 

PP9.    The Myths of Happiness

PP10.  Flourish 

Positive Neuropsychology Track Curriculum

Part A

The How, What, Why, When, and Where of Human Behavior: The Study of Evolutionary Psychology, Genetics, Environment, and Evolution in the Creation of Human Behavior.

A1. Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior

A2. Applied Neuroscience 

A3. Survey of Mind-Brain Research.  

A4. Evolutionary Psychology I

A5. Evolutionary Psychology II

Part B

Creating a Flourishing Life through CHOICE, Filled with Positive Emotion, Engagement in Life, Good Relationships, Meaningful Existence, Subjective Achievement

B1. Survey of Positive Psychology 

B2. Positive Psychology: The Science of Happiness and Flourishing

B3. The How of Happiness

B4. The Happiness Hypothesis

B5. Positivity

Neuropsychology Track Curriculum

NP1.    Understanding the Mysteries of Human Behavior

NP2.    Evolutionary Psychology I 

NP3.    Evolutionary Psychology II

NP4.    Survey of Mind-Brain Research

NP5.    Applied Neuroscience

NP6.    Science of Birth Order

NP7.    Science of Gender Differences

NP8.    The Male Brain

NP9.    The Female Brain 

NP10.  Brain Plasticity 

What our graduates are saying

This program is the only one of its kind in the world.  Combining positive psychology, evolutionary psychology, and neuroscience is ground-breaking.  My practice, my life, and my client's lives have been transformed in ways that would not have occurred, but for the knowledge and wisdom I gained from this outstanding program.

A Happy Graduate