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Creating a World of Well Being!


Enrollment Form

1.  Please copy and paste this form into an email!

2.  Fill in the information requested below!

3. Email to [email protected]


Full Name:

Mailing Address:

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Web (if any):


Practice or Business Name (if applicable):


Degrees, Certificates, Designations, Diplomas, Seminars, Programs Completed:

Have you read any books or completed any courses or programs in positive psychology? 

If so, please list:

Why are you interested in enrolling in one of our programs?

What is it about positive psychology that interests you?

Please Select Your Choice of Programs

*  Master of Positive Psychology  _____, Positive Neuropsychology  _____, Neuropsychology, 

    or Human Behavior _______.


    Tuition is $11,389- $5,000 = $6,389

    or, $585 a month for 12 months 
    or, $405 a month for 18 months

*  PhD Positive Psychology  _____, Positive Neuropsychology  _____, Neuropsychology _____, 

    or Human Behavior ______.


    Tuition is $13,389- $5,000 = $8,389

    or, $747 a month for 12 months 
    or, $516 a month for 18 months

    or, $441 a month for 24 months


Payment Information

Name on Card:

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Card Number:

Expiration Date:

Security Code:


I authorize payment of tuition according to my selection above.  I also authorize payment of the enrollment fee of $98, which is in addition to tuition.  By signing below with my electronic signature, I agree to complete all monthly tuition payments, if any, even if I change my mind later.  Once you have received program materials, there are no cancellations or refunds!  


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